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'Do not lost hope'
'Please stay strong a little bit more'
‘We are waiting’
‘Please comeback’
'Are you Hungry ?'


never lose the hope!! plce lets pray for them and for all the missing people to be found and for the victims may god bless them all!! 


even if he is a doctor … he still the same Hae!! X3 

one camera for a whole fantastic mv!!

and two different worlds!! 

the dancers and the *high fiiive brrroooo* XD 

looooooooooooove Puff and Heechul really they r soooo cute!!

aaahhhhh X3

That embarassing moment when …

Lee Donghae stood up because he thought CNBlue wins~

but actually they are just announcing the current poll …

 kyuhyun pulls donghae back to his seat “hyung you are so embarrassing”

Plce anyone explain to kid Hae what they r doing and what is really happening!! XD 


omooooo!! henryyy!! XD 

they r toooo cuuuute really X3 

weeell … if they see them like this … ive no problems!! XP

"When [Ryeowook] is drunk he does more skinship…he spreads his arms out and goes ‘Siwon-ee hyung~~~’ and hugs me”

-Siwon Choi 

aawwwww cutty wookky!! XD envy u!! ahhahaahah ;P

aww ♥ appa Hyuk i looove yoouuu!!

he is sooo cute !! lovable aaahhh my feels!!